Preservation of our nature

REduce, REuse, REcycle

Metal collection

Eko Unija SN is one of the most important entities for the collection, processing and trade of metal waste: iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, lead, brass, bronze and other waste mixed metal materials.

We are equipped with vehicles, machinery and containers that can take over all types of scrap metal in a way that corresponds to the given situation on the field and the needs of waste producers.

Dismantling and demolition of the buildings

The main task of the Eko Unija SN is coordinated and organized collection and further placement for recycling of metals and metal waste. In this process, professionalism and organization are an important factor. As part of our core business, we also dealt with dismantling, demolition, removal of plants, halls, industrial plants, industrial equipment, vessels.

Treatment of metal waste

We have the capacity to receive and process all types of waste material in the process of preparing metal waste for further final recycling through cutting, crushing and pressing, in accordance with the required standards of metal processing as a secondary raw material. We have significant storage and processing capacities for all types of metal waste that can meet all the needs of our suppliers and customers.

Electronic and electrical waste

Eko Unija SN is able to provide services for the collection and treatment of electronic and electrical waste and adequately dispose of all quantities of this type of waste within its business system and business within its group. We have adequate capacities for collection, transport and treatment of this type of waste that meet all current legal regulations.

About Us

The main activity of EKO UNION SN Belgrade is the collection, processing (sorting, cutting, baling) and trade of non-hazardous waste of all types and categories: metal, paper/cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, EE waste.

What is recycling

Recycling means the conversion of waste material into a new product and its reuse, which contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution, saving energy and natural resources.

Why recycle

By recycling, we save raw materials, energy, contribution to landfill reduction and soil degradation. Recycling reduces the emission of methane, a gas that is created in landfills and which causes the greenhouse effect and harmful climate changes on Earth.

The goal of recycling

Saving raw materials Saving energy Protecting the environment The creation of new jobs, processes in the recycling of materials involve the investment of knowledge and work, which creates the need for jobs.

Did you know?

By recycling 1 ton of office paper, we save 4,200 kW of electricity, 32,000 liters of water, air is 74% less polluted and we’ve saved 17 trees. Recycling just one plastic bottle saves as much energy as a 60 W bulb consumes in 6 hours of continuous operation.


Distribution of 300 white ash seedlings

Distribution of 300 white ash seedlings

Eko Unija SN, as a socially responsible company, is organizing an action of distributing 300 white ash seedlings, in cooperation with the Municipality of Stara Pazova and as part of the action "Plant your shade" on Friday, December 10, 2021 at 12:00, in front of the...

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Handball club “Proleter” sponsorship

Handball club “Proleter” sponsorship

From the season 2021/2022 Eko Unija SN is the main sponsor of the handball club "Proleter" from Zrenjanin. On that occasion, at the press conference organized by the club on this occasion, the company's Development director, Zarko Vukomanovic, stated: "As a socially...

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