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FROM DEVELOPMENT TO CIRCULAR ECONOMY – Eko Unija SN as an example of good practice

In the age in which we live, we have become aware of the exceptional importance of sustainable business development and the establishment of all the postulates of the circular economy with the aim of permanently solving the challenge of environmental protection that currently stands before us. With this idea, the Eko Unija SN sets the further development of its current business and the opening of development projects in the near future.

Metal, as a material by its very constitution, is infinitely recyclable and represents an ideal material for establishing the principles of circular economy. As the primary element of our business we have the collection and processing of scrap metal, of all kinds. Due to such a fact, our company establishes business standards that will ensure greater efficiency in work, further development of transparent business and absolute traceability of all collected and processed materials in the recycling process. Our development process is accompanied by the provision of adequate collection capacities in the form of vehicles that follow the latest environmental standards of gas emissions and have high transport capacities, as a result of which we significantly reduce the required number of tours always taking into account optimal vehicle load. Our processing capacities are adequate in terms of quantities that can be processed, and most importantly, they are adequate in terms of required quality standards of material processing that allows efficient and economical way of further recycling and thus absolutely follows the principles of circular economy.

Our development goals are to monitor all trends in the branches of collection and transport of secondary raw materials of all types and processing capacities in close cooperation with recycling plants in order to jointly raise existing standards, introduce new technologies and continuous development.

Due to the negative trends in the market of secondary raw materials in general in the last few years, especially in the field of collection and recycling of plastics, we believe that the future demand for metal as a raw material is increasing. This trend also leads to a significant increase in demand for all types of metals as a secondary raw material, especially copper, which is used in electronic devices and aluminum as the packaging material of the future. Due to the increase of electrification present in the automotive industry and the development of 5G copper recycling networks, the Eko Unija of SN, as one of its development projects, is establishing a system of collection and processing of electronic-electrical waste. With the implementation and completion of this project, the Eko Unija SN will expand the range of its activities, all in the spirit of the circular economy. Also, like other development projects, our company is implementing the establishment of capacity for recycling of waste vehicles, which will be guided by the highest standards of environmental protection and which will enable maximum utilization of all parts of waste vehicles, regardless of the type of material. With this expansion of activities, the Eko Unija SN will cover the processes of collection and treatment of waste types that will appear on a large scale in the near future and provide its capacities with an efficient system for collection and treatment, which will ensure that these types of waste are adequately disposed of.


As the third aspect of its business development, the Eko Unija SN is working on the development of the system of primary and secondary collection of packaging waste through cooperation with local governments and public utility companies. With the aim of establishing an adequate and sustainable system of municipal packaging waste management, our company has approached development projects to establish a system of separation of recyclable packaging waste in an efficient and economically acceptable way. With the introduction of such a system, in addition to the quantities of waste that will end up in the recycling process and have a satisfactory quality standard of separated secondary raw materials, which will enable further efficient recycling, adequately prepared quantities for energy recovery will be provided. This will ensure the quantities of alternative fuels and ensure that types of non-recyclable packaging waste do not end up in landfills but are used purposefully in accordance with the fulfillment of national packaging waste management objectives. Primary and secondary separated quantities of packaging waste will be adequately used either in the recycling process or in the energy recovery process, thus striving for the ultimate goal, which is a landfill extinguishing system and implementation of a waste management system that includes recycling, energy recovery and composting, and it is completely in line with the postulates of the circular economy.

And as the last development aspect of the business of Eko Unija SN, a project for the construction of a metal smelter was initiated, which will enable us to fully complete the circular economy process within our company, in the part of metal, EE and car waste management starting from collection, processing and final recycling. .

Guided by the ideas of circular economy, we believe that the natural and logical flow of each business is monitored and thus establish not only sustainable environmental protection, as the main goal, but to generate sustainable business development of the company in all aspects, especially in economical and society useful aspect.