Belgrade waterfront

An extremely important project on which we are periodically and, if necessary, engaged in the execution of works on the removal of large, floating structures and clearing the terrain for the construction of BELGRADE WATERFRONT.

The dismantling of the steel structure was successfully carried out – the prefabricated building SAVAMALA, the so-called hall “BRAĆA KRSMANOVIĆ”.

Other projects

Machine and Tractor Industry

Movable property from the bankruptcy estate of the Machinery and Tractor Industry was sold to the Eko Unija SN. The sold property includes machinery, conveyors, tractors and forklifts, vehicles, stocks of spare parts and tires, scrap iron and copper, as well as a...

Sugar factory Požarevac

In addition to two large projects, Bor and Galenika, Eko Unija SN started cooperation with the city of Požarevac in 2018 and started dismantling and cutting the spent technological equipment within the facilities of the sugar factory. The project includes the removal...

Galenika AD Belgrade

In 2018, Eko Unija SN started cooperation with the company Galenika AD, on the works of dismantling the equipment within the facilities and removing hazardous and non-hazardous waste.Other projects